7 Easy Ways to Reach Out to Bloggers

Only a few years ago citizens were passive consumers of news and the media. Evening news broadcasts and daily headlines controlled what we considered news, cool restaurants and hot spots.

Today, our world has changed drastically. Citizens are no longer passive consumers,  they are producers of news. Bloggers are bringing everything that is important to the community to the forefront. The consumer now influences what we do, not the newspapers.

If you’re searching for coverage or input on a certain topic, service or upcoming event, building a relationship with bloggers is one of the best ways to raise awareness and generate attention.  It’s the ultimate word of mouth marketing!

The trouble? It’s easier than it sounds. Bloggers are people. Most of them have full-time jobs, are mothers of several children or are entrepreneurs starting a new business (maybe all three). Simply put, they blog when they have time. Make them want to say yes to your pitch by making it easier for them and taking the time to build a relationship. Here are a few tips for you to follow when you begin this process:

1. Get to know the blog
Show the writer that you take a genuine interest in their topics. Give them the sense that you know what they like to blog about, what their writing style is and what type of information they normally share with their readers.

2. Comment
Comment on the blogs where you want your content placed. By engaging with the other readers and the blogger you are making yourself more memorable and you’re pitch is more likely to be answered.

3. Don’t treat a blogger like a print publication
Bloggers don’t want to be treated like a local daily newspaper, so don’t send them press releases like they are!  Bloggers want a unique and personal pitch that will catch their eye. If you take the time to get to know the blog, this will come naturally.

4. Tell the truth
It is important that the blogger knows what is expected of them. Make sure you tell them the truth about your product and what you want from them, but…

5. Let the blogger create their own content
Should the blogger choose to write about your topic, service, or event keep in mind that this is their blog. Don’t tell them what to write or how to write it. If there is specific information you want included in a blog post, tell them up front “This is information that is directly related to XYZ, if you could please incorporate it into your post it would be greatly appreciated.”

6. Give them a timeframe
Rather than incessantly following up to find out when your blogger will be publishing the post about your product/service/event, kindly give them a timeframe. If you’ve built up a relationship with the blogger, they will most likely acknowledge the timeliness and publish the blog within the dates you’ve indicated.

7. Say “Thank You
They took the time to create an entire blog post about something that is important to you. Make sure you thank them for their time and for sharing your information with their readers.

Chances are if you take the time to reach out to the bloggers you want to share your information with and you did it the right way, they’ll spread the word.