Quick Ways to Increase Your SEO with Keywords

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, has become a term many business owners fear. Whether it’s a lack of understanding or simply apathy, many don’t see the point behind SEO. However, in an ever-changing digital landscape, it is extremely important to remain competitive. SEO can be a direct driver of web traffic and in turn, help you build your business.

SEO is defined as the process of improving and increasing the online visibility of a website in search engines. SEO is factored through unpaid search results and methods. This is often referred to as “natural search.”

The key to gaining more traffic to your business is how you rank among your competitors within in the search engine results. In a user’s mind the thought is typically that the sites listed at the top must be the best option or choice. This is the driving factor behind SEO and the reason why it is crucial for businesses to be conscious of their position in search results.

In order to fully understand SEO, it is important to note the basis behind “searching.” Internet search is the process of users browsing for content on the Internet. This content can range from websites to videos to blogs. The browsing is performed by the chosen search engine, which then scans the Internet and presents the information in list form.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular user search sites today. The user-generated search is performed based on algorithms, which dictate how web content is filtered and presented to the user, which is the method behind what a user sees.

SEO compares how the search engines work, what the most common searches are, and the specific terms or keywords. In order to optimize a website’s visibility a good starting point would be editing both the content and HTML coding to reflect important keywords. These keywords will relate back to the search terms and remove barriers that may be preventing your site from responding well to searches.

Using your keywords correctly throughout your website is essential when trying to improve your search engine ranking. The first use of keywords during the organic SEO process is in the keyword’s Meta Tag located in the head section of the webpage’s HTML code. After you strategically select the keywords that are relevant to the particular page, these keywords should be placed in the Meta Keywords tag (<meta name=”keywords” content=””>).

The same keywords should then be used in the title and Meta Tag description of the page. This system will help increase the visibility of your site in search results. Search engines, like Google, use the page title and descriptions as a synopsis of what the page is about. Thus why the placement of these keywords is extremely helpful.

After you insert your keywords into these aspects of the site, they should then be optimized in your content. The chosen words should also reflect the description and theme of the page. Again, they should be used near the top of the page, as search engines use about the first 200 words to evaluate.

Page headings should also be utilized as keyword targets. By giving your content a heading of 4-6 words that use relevant keywords you can easily boost the relevancy of the page.

Below are some additional tips that are useful when strategizing on how to increase your SEO.

Helpful Tips On Using Keywords:

1. Know Your Competitor
Searching common terms a potential client would use is a good first step to evaluate where you stand. Knowing your position and the position of those on top is a great tool. Utilize your competitor’s sites and evaluate their keyword strategy. It is important to use both similar keywords and different options as well. Simply copying terms from competitors may not get you any further, so be sure to think creatively.

2. Search Your Keywords
After you come up with a list of keyword terms that you think would help increase your SEO, it is important to again search them. You should search each term and make sure that the results they yield are still relevant to you and your industry.

3. Incorporate Your Keywords On Your Site
Once you have a major set of keywords begin incorporating them into your site. Adding these keywords to the beginning of page titles, blog post names, press release titles, and more will definitely increase their exposure.

4. Don’t Over Use Within Content
While it is important to utilize these new keywords, they should not be used in your content so often that they impede on your work. The keywords should never be so obvious and repetitive that they take away from your copy and actual hinder you. They should be seamlessly incorporated and virtually invisible to the user. There is no denying the power of a strong online presence for a company. In this competitive landscape, SEO is another tool that if mastered can greatly increase the online visibility of your company, thus leading to greater exposure and more leads. So be sure to conduct a quick search of your industry using relevant keywords; if your company isn’t within the first two pages of search results, you are in need of an SEO boost!