5 Tips on What Makes a Good Landing Page

A landing page is a great tool to turn your website visitors into leads. You can use your landing page to make an offer, capture their information, and move them further down the sales cycle.

Make sure your landing page quickly identifies the following questions each visitor will have:
What exactly is being offered – What’s in it for me?
The benefits of the offer – Why the viewer can’t live without it.
Why the viewer needs the offer NOW – Create a sense of urgency.
How the user can get the offer  – Make it easy for the lead to convert.

Make your headers consistent with the call to action. Use action-oriented verbs like learn or download in your headers to help grab immediate attention.

Don’t overcrowd your page visually. Use bullets to make it easy for a visitor to quickly scan the benefits of the offerand make the decision to fill out the form. Also, including a relevant, interesting image on the landing page will help your visitors visualize what the offer is.

Don’t include other links or your website navigation on the landing page. The last thing you want to do is distract your visitor with additional information and have them wander off the page. You want them to decide to share their information in order to receive the offer and nothing else until after the fact.

Don’t just create the landing page and expect to get new clients. You need to develop a relevant follow-up plan that includes an immediate thank you, reminder of the value, and a series of new content and offers to help drive them down the sales funnel.