Can Your Brand Be a Social Storyteller?

You might be asking, what is social storytelling? Social storytelling is a campaign created by a brand that allows their users to become even more engaged and immersed in the brand than ever before. By using a variety of channels to reach their audience, social storytelling becomes an extension of a traditional brand campaign. It tells the brand’s narrative.


Here are five key aspects to consider when creating a standout social storytelling campaign.


Content: Content is key for social storytelling. You must tell your consumers something that they didn’t get in a traditional campaign. You content has to be new and compelling, otherwise your campaign will fall flat.

Discovery:  Engage your audience by entertaining them. (Or, give them something new to discover!) Consider making videos, blogs, games, or even a Flickr photostream based off of one tiny aspect of a campaign. A good example of this is the Old Spice Campaign. It kicked off with a commercial and the audience was given something more with their Twitter video response campaign.  See it here  –


Simplicity: Don’t complicate your storytelling by making something up. Use the story behind your brand and be authentic!

Share-ability: If you want you social story to be told by someone other than you, share-ability is key. It is what makes the story stick. You are giving your audience something more and in a different way and they should want to share it with their friends to keep the conversation going.


In the end, if a social storytelling campaign is done successfully consumers will develop an even deeper love for a brand than they did before. So go ahead, start telling your story!