Tips on Planning a Successful Charity Event

Planning a successful charity event can be a daunting task. Besides the usual degree of organization and preparation required to make an event successful, you are also faced with the requirement of working within a small budget in order to meet a large financial goal. Here are a few tips to consider when planning a charity event:


  • Have a clear message –Spell out your goals, give examples of past accomplishments, and include all event details. People are more inclined to support your organization and your event if they know exactly where the money is going. Testimonials will help.


  • Sponsors and donors – Reach out to everyone you can think of that might help support you and your event.


  • Important to note – Make sure that sponsors know that you are promoting them to your audience and making their investment worth while. Include their name and logo on your website, add them to your event journal, hang their banner at the event and have representatives speak at the event. Doing this may entice them to sponsor a future event for your charity.


  • Promote –Even a charity with little funding can still gain a great deal of promotion and publicity. Utilize social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Ask local businesses and companies to allow you to hang flyers in your target area. Contact some of the local papers, either online or print, and try to get your event added to their monthly calendars.  Also, ask them to write about your event.  You can even reach out to area bloggers who are tied to the cause your charity focuses on to promote the event.


A plan with a detailed timeline will help you stay on track and work toward your end result. If you use specific, realistic goals you will have a successful charity event!