How To Know Which Media Outlet Is Right For You

Media outlets are all different. Just like people, companies and cakes, media don’t all fit under the same mold. Each publication, radio station, television network, etc. all have a specific beat, target audience and story that they are looking to publish.

Pitching a story to the wrong media outlet could mean limited coverage, missed opportunities and an upset client. Making sure that you know which outlet is right for you comes down to having a strong brand identity and knowing who your consumers are.

Here are some steps to starting the process:

1.    Think of the industry – if you are a fashion designer and want to get coverage on your new collection, you are going to target fashion magazines and blogs and not daily newspapers. If you are a small business and want to get information published on the work you did for a client, you will contact publications with business beats, such as New York Enterprise Report, Wall Street Journal or BusinessWeek.

  • Most publications are pretty obvious in what areas they focus on and Cision, an online media service, makes it helpful by allowing you to click an Outlet Topic to narrow down your search.

2.    Types of outlet – Media outlets come in many different forms.

  • Where do you want to be featured? Your local newspaper, News 12 Long Island or KJOY? It comes down to where you think your consumers will best hear your message.

3.    Location – Where do you want your information published? Think about where your company is located and in what areas would people be interested in what you do? Long Island, NYC, the tri-state area, etc.?

4.    Think of your target audience – Most outlets often have their own demographic. Think about who your target audience is and choose a media outlet that mirrors who you want to reach. Think about who you want to use your product or service and who has a need for your product or service.

  • For example, Mashable’s audience consists of a majority of men, aged 18-34 with an income of above $100K, according to If that is who you are targeting, you should contact them.

5.    Research your competitors – Look at your competitors and see where they are getting placements. Figure out how to give your company a competitive advantage and target those media as well.