5 Tips On Making LinkedIn An Effective Sales Tool

With the boom of social media, it is no surprise that people everywhere are using the web more and more in order to promote professional goals. Whether you’re looking for a job, vendors, or more clients, social media can you help make these connections. LinkedIn has become the place to make things happen. With over 70 million users across 30 fields, LinkedIn has the capability to propel your career, but only if you know how to properly use it.

Here are five tips for marketing yourself or your business on LinkedIn.

1.Utilize Keywords

If you’re looking to generate traffic to your page, using keywords is a must. This is how people will find you among all the other pages on the site. Make sure to use words that have meaning to your industry. You may want to consider terms used in the field or names of equipment, products, software and other companies. Once you have found keywords that reflect your niche, scatter them throughout your skills, experience, and education descriptions and even in your headline.

2. Keep Your Page Up-to-Date

Just having a LinkedIn account is not merely enough; you have to be an active user. Not checking your page on a daily basis could result in missed opportunities and connections. Keeping your employment history current is another top priority. You may realize that after a while, some of your past work experience no longer reflects your current professional goals. In this case, avoid the clutter and only keep current and relevant information.

3. Maintain Your Individuality

In the midst of adding keywords and getting rid of clutter, make sure not to lose your personality. Keywords will help people find your page, but then you have to sell yourself. The truth is that employers want to hire people who would be enjoyable to work with in the future and prospects want to hire people they can connect with. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of your own flare to set yourself apart. Consider adding to your page why you love what you do, what your future aspirations are and what some of your best experiences were.

4. Connect with Everyone You Can

The whole point of LinkedIn is to connect you with other people in the professional world so that you have the maximum amount of opportunities possible. However, these opportunities will only present themselves if you have made connections with everyone you can. If you do not branch out, you will have a limited network and that will only result in a never-ending circle of limitations. Connect with more people by sending requests to your entire contact list or by adding your LinkedIn link to your email signature, business card and any other social networking sites you may use. You should also be looking at your LinkedIn contacts and seeing who they know. Use LinkedIn to ask for an introduction.

5. Finish your page 100%

A unique aspect of LinkedIn is that it tells you how complete your profile is in a percentage. Unless your profile is 100% complete, you are not marketing yourself properly. LinkedIn is such a great tool because it gives you many different areas on your page where you can tell your story. This includes giving and asking for recommendations. You need to take advantage of these opportunities by filling out every area to make the site an effective tool.

Remember, on you’re LinkedIn page, you are the product so you need to sell yourself. Follow these tips and you are bound to have more professional opportunities come your way!