How Twitter Changed The Way We Watch TV

We all know just how popular social media has become. It seems like we can’t do anything without “checking-in” or posting a status. This ability to constantly report our thoughts and opinions has greatly affected the way we do other tasks, one of which is watching television.

Tweeting out a play-by-play while watching your favorite TV show or during its season finale as become extremely popular. The vast popularity of live tweeting during these programs tends to even cause commonly related hashtags to trend worldwide.

Many shows have quickly caught on to this revolution and have created their own interactive hashtags and actively interact with their fans in real time. This not only continues the engagement among fans, but increases brand awareness to the general Twitter universe as well. Specialty programs, such as award shows and sporting events are popular interactive television programs., For example, during the broadcast of this year’s Emmy Awards, the Twitter hashtag allowed viewers to interact with others in real time after every award presentation.

What’s the downside to live tweeting during your favorite TV program? Spoiling it for those who aren’t able to watch! While millions of people are watching their favorite shows and Tweeting every juicy detail, there are millions of others unable to watch at that moment who are having the episode ruined by being logged on.

Watching television has surely changed in the past few years, and will only continue to do so with every new social network. Live Tweeting your favorite TV show gives you a great chance to converse with other fans and get your opinion out there. But if you can’t tune in on time, I suggest you set your DVR and stay off Twitter.