What to do AFTER you get a big media placement

So you’ve gotten the media placement you’ve been dying to get. Congratulations! But, now what?

Here are a four tips to follow in order to maximize your visibility and awareness.

  • Post the placement to all of your social networking sites. In order to continue the buzz and the conversation, post a link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Ask your online community to provide you with feedback and share with their networks. Write back to positive comments, address negative ones and be excited to “show off” your great work!
  • Send out an email blast to all of your family, friends, business contacts, prospects and leads. This is the perfect opportunity to share good news and remind people of who you are, what you do and what you can do for them.
  • Say thank you to the reporter/producer. A thank you goes a long way. Be sure to get in touch with the person responsible for your great media placement and tell them how much you appreciate their time and effort. This is the perfect opportunity for you to remind them that you are an expert in your industry and can be a reliable and useful resource to them for future articles/segments.
  • Don’t stop! Just because you got that big media placement doesn’t mean that your work is done. The smaller media placements are just as important. Keep pitching, keep getting yourself, your business or your product or service out there. In fact, use this bigger media placement as a way to entice other media to report on you too.