How Color Affects Your Business.

The impact a color has on a person should not be underestimated. Appropriate use of color can maximize productivity, minimize visual fatigue and relax the mind. Certain colors can irritate you or make you feel sick while others are soothing and make you feel at ease.

Choosing the right color for your company’s brand identity is extremely important. Use of color will convey certain attitudes and moods that consumers will associate with your product or service. Consumer’s emotions either positive or negative will be generated by color choice.

Take a look at the feeling specific colors generate:

Red- Hunger, Dominance, Curiosity, Danger, Passion, Energy, Strength, Power

Blue- Calming, Creativity, Harmony, Trust, Loyalty, Protection, Confidence

Green- Stress Relieving, Calming, Improves Reading Ability, Peace, Serenity, Earth, Nature, Renewal

Black- Bold, Dramatic, Confident, Sophisticated, Power, Mystery

White- Purity, Clean, Neutral, Sacred, Innocent

Grey- Contemporary, Hi-Tech, Sophisticated, Intelligent, Reliability, Practicality

Yellow- Cheerful, Powerful, Happy, Optimism, Imagination

Purple- Royal, Elegant, Sophisticated, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Orange- Energetic, Warmth, Vibrancy, Enthusiasm

Brown- Reliability, Comfort, Outdoors, Earth, Nature

Color can be the most important element for a brand. Consumers notice color before words and even imagery. Your choice of color in advertisements and promotional campaigns can influence consumer feelings about your products or services and can play a large role in generating sales.

Take careful consideration when choosing a color to represent your business. The wrong color choice can result in a huge loss.