Are your clients satisfied? Four Rules to Live By.

When asking, “are your clients satisfied?” What you are asking is, “How is our customer service?”

Good customer service can make or break any business. You can say you are the best, give discounts or  promise a free service, but unless you can hold on to those customers and bring them back, your business won’t be profitable for long.

Don’t make promises unless you keep them.

Reliability and trust is key to any good relationship and good customer service is no exception.


It’s important to let your customers speak and feel confident you are listening to them. Make the appropriate responses and be forthcoming .

Be helpful.

When a customer calls you with an inquiry be as helpful as you can be. Even if you don’t have the answer right away, make them feel you care and will do everything you can to get them an answer.

Answer your email or phone call.

Always make sure that someone is answering emails or picking up the phones.  Don’t lose a customer because of a missed message!

Good customer service is about providing your customers with a positive experience.  This will go a long way and will enable you to continue to flourish!