5 Tips To Get Your Website Found

We hear so much about search engine optimization (SEO) that it becomes very easy to get wrapped up in the technical terms and details. However, sometimes it is very important to take a step back and remember that search engines don’t buy your services, your customers do. With that being said, make sure that when you develop your website, webpages, blog articles, etc. that you create quality content for your end user.

Today’s SEO game is changing. While the actual content on your page is important what is even more important is that it is being shared. The more people that link to your website, webpages, blog articles, etc. the more chances you have to get that top billing on Google and other search engines.

Here are 5 tips to improve your SEO:

  1. Get More Inbound Links – Create great content that would be interesting to your end users and encourage them to share your information with their audiences. The more inbound links (links to your site) that are out there, the better. Many search engines count links to your site as “votes” for you. They assume that if lots of websites link to your site it must be high quality. Page Rank is Google’s system of counting links. An easy way to start this off is to list your website in directories.
  2. Don’t Forget About Keywords – Keywords are still a very important part of your SEO. When thinking about keywords think about making them long-tail (more specific). For example – you can’t rank for public relations but you may be able to rank for New York City B2B public relations.  Check out http://ubersuggest.org/ for keyword suggestions.
  3. Don’t Just Focus On The Home Page – We usually want to direct people to our home page but making sure you have great titles, urls, and meta tag descriptions on all of your pages will help your home page rank improve. Also don’t forget about your page content. You should have clear headers, internal links, and use alt tags for images.
  4. Design Your SEO Listing – Statistics show that click-through rate is not just about ranking but also visual appeal. Even though you may be #4 or even #5 on the search results you can optimize your listing to help increase clicks. You can do this by including a publication date, author photo, video snippet, or ratings/reviews. Make sure you set up a Google+ profile. This will help within Google’s search engine.
  5. Build An Audience & Engage – Social media also is starting to play an important role in SEO. Social sharing is starting to be looked at as another way your content is deemed valuable. Make sure you build up a community of the right people and engage with them. If you give them good relevant content they are likely to share it with others.