How to Create a Great Ad

In order to create a great ad you will have to think outside the box. Being different will make your business more memorable. A boring, generic ad will wind up being a bad investment. So, before you commit to anything, make sure it has the “wow” factor.

It’s also a good idea to have a few creative minds on the project. You can bounce ideas off each other and eventually come up with one that sticks. Remember, different opinions matter. Not everyone may see what you are seeing.

5 tips to remember:

  1. The Message—Before starting anything, you need to figure out the ad’s message. What are you selling? A product? A service? Be sure to put in a lot of time and effort into developing this. You want the consumer or possible client to be able to remember the ad.
  2. Target Audience—Think about who your target audience is. This will set the tone for the ad’s design. Are you gearing the ad towards the corporate world or a younger audience? This is important to keep in mind because ads will look different for each target group. A younger crowd’s ad should be unique and fun while the corporate ad should be clean and technical.
  3. Design—Figure out in the beginning if your ad should have a lot of imagery or if it should be clean and simple. Your images will be the first thing people see and will leave a lasting impression. Strong copy with strong imagery is key. Everything in your ad should point back to the same message you are trying to get across. Design the ad with images that communicate this.
  4. Color Scheme—Try to stick with one color scheme. You don’t want to over do it and lose the reader because of too many “ugly colors”. Choose colors that work well together. You can use a simple tool that shows you what colors work best with each other at
  5. Copy—Get your message across in a few words. Remember to make the copy relevant to your point and imagery. All you really need in an ad is a catchy headline, minimal body copy IF any and a call to action. Your reader should be able to remember the ad’s copy after walking away. The ad should leave them wanting more. Don’t tell the entire history of the company or list all product details. Tell the reader enough to leave a lasting impression but makes them want the product or want more information. Always list a website or store location so information can be easily found.

There is a ton of competition out there so making a great ad is tough. Just remember to be innovative and clear. Doing so will pay off in the long run.