Does Your Title Matter?

When writing a press release, pitch letter, email blast or any other content you plan to push through online channels, it is incredibly important to have a catchy and attention grabbing title. If you want someone to be interested in learning/reading more, you have to capture them right away and to do that, your title has to be spot on!

Here are a three tips you should take into account when drafting your next title.

Be Unique:
Nick Bolton at the New York Times recently wrote a blog (click here) stating that the average corporate employee sends and receives 105 emails per day. Think about that for a minute. That’s a lot of daily emails! So what can set your email apart from the rest? Make it fun, make it interesting, make it useful. Be specific and try to get the main point of your content across. If you can’t in a main headline, use a subhead to add more details. For example, instead of saying “XYZ Company Earns Prestigious Award” say, “XYZ Company Earns XYZ Award for Standout Customer Service and Retention.” If further information is needed, include a subhead like, “This Award Marks 10 Awards Given in the Past Year during XYZ’s 20th Anniversary.”

Remember Your Keywords:
It’s important to make sure your headlines are keyword rich. Headlines are one of the ways search engines “find” content. Search engines place more emphasis on content that appears at the top of a page, so your headline is very important in order for search engine optimization.

Don’t Be Longwinded:
According to PR newswire’s findings (click here) headlines should be no more than 120 characters and no less than 90 characters. Much of this reason is due to the social media standard that less characters makes it easier for others to share your content. Make sure your headlines are “tweetable.”

Keep these this advice in mind and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the effectiveness of your next headline.