Tips On Creating A Good YouTube Video

Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, you should.  YouTube is a “must have” in today’s business world due to its popularity. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second and more than four billlion videos are viewed each day. Those numbers can’t be ignored!

YouTube also affords companies the opportunity to show themselves in action, become more relatable to their target audiences and position their company as the expert in their chosen industry.


Good Youtube Video


Here are a four tips to follow to create good YouTube videos:

Buy a good camera– The first thing you should do is buy a professional video camera.  Make the investment so you can take high quality video.  You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a cheaper quality camera. You run the risk of having poor quality video and losing prospects because of this.

Choose a setting– Always think of a setting that will work with your video’s content.  If you’re filming a “How To” instructional video on tools, think of filming in a garage on a workbench with supplies in the background.

Have talking points– Before you start to film, make sure the person/people in your video have a rough idea of what the podcast is about.  Have an outline ready and plan the video out prior to filming.

Video Editing– All video should be edited before uploading to your YouTube channel.  Use a free editing program such as iMovie if you’re a beginner.  If you’re up for the challenge, you can purchase software like Final Cut Pro to make your videos seamless. While editing, make sure to add music and a little pizazz such as text and special effects.

In addition to traditional marketing, YouTube videos can take your business one step further.  It creates an interactive and informative way to place your company on the map.  Once you try it, you’ll never look back!