Video Podcasts Dos & Don’ts

Traditional advertising is very expensive. A cost effective alternative is creating a video podcast. Video podcasts are an extremely popular way for companies to spread awareness for a product or service. Better yet, they are often used to give a company’s target audience a glimpse behind the scenes and into the company itself.

Here are a few tips to follow to make sure your video podcast doesn’t fall flat.

  1. Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Decide on a topic that you know well and feel comfortable speaking about on camera.
  2. Choose a creative title. Since most of your audience will find you via Google search or YouTube, having a catchy title will help you stand out from the rest. Click here to read our blog that explains why titles matter.
  3. Choose a schedule. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Have a consistent schedule so you can build followers. People will appreciate knowing that say every Tuesday of the month, a new video podcast will be up for their enjoyment.
  4. Choose your length. A podcast should be between 3-10 minutes. Most people’s attention spans don’t last past 2 minutes so try to keep the podcast as short as possible.
  5. Plan your content. Your content should keep the audience engaged. If your podcast isn’t interesting during the first minute, you will most likely lose your viewer. Keep the podcast relevant and informative.
  6. Record your podcast. Invest in a HD digital video camera. The quality of the footage will make a huge difference.
  7. Edit your podcast. Use professional editing programs such as Final Cut or iMovie.
  8. Don’t stray from the topic. Going off topic will confuse viewers and potentially make them stop watching. Your main focus is important and is critical for retaining viewers.
  9. Don’t ramble. Make your point and move on. Being redundant will drive listeners away. There shouldn’t be any “Umm”s or any uncomfortable silence. If there are, edit them out.

Following these steps will certainly help you make a great podcast. Don’t forget to put in the extra time and effort so your end result is a winner!