Twitter’s New Vine App.

Yet another app that’s making a scene?  Vine was introduced by Twitter this week as a potential competitor to Instagram, except Vine aren’t still photos, they are micro videos that last six seconds.

Vine is easy to use.  First download the app on your iPhone or your Android.  Then click on the app and it will take you to a window where it will teach you how to make a six second video using Vine.  Hold your finger on the screen and film 2 seconds, then shift to something else for 2 seconds and lastly, turn the phone to something else for 2 seconds and there you have it, your #first Vine video!

The video can appear on the app, like Instagram, and it can also appear on Twitter and Facebook.

I checked out what others had done.  There were some clever videos.  For example, there was one of a line drawn on a piece of paper that continued onto a man’s hand and up his arm.

Then, I decided to check it out myself so I made a “bagel man.” I started with two bagels sitting on top of each other and in the second frame, added another bagel. The last frame, I added the fourth bagel with glasses on top.

What’s cool about these videos is they are quick, they replay and they remind me of an old fashioned super eight movie.

There are endless marketing possibilities for this app and I look forward to using it as part of our marketing efforts for our clients.

If you’ve made any Vine videos, please share here.