Tips On Creating Dynamic Presentation Material

trcpmPresentation materials (business kits, proposal packets, PowerPoint templates, business cards and more) highlight your business and show your qualifications to your potential customers. Through these materials, you can tell your company story and showcase important products and services. With the right presentation materials you will be able to lure in potential clients and most importantly make a lasting impression.

So, how do you get started? Here are four tips on how to create dynamic presentation materials that will help you close more business:

Be Consistent– Make sure all your materials are branded the same way.  If your logo is cyan, don’t make your business kit hot pink! Keeping your brand consistent means keeping yourself memorable.

Be Trendy– Design trends are forever changing so why not keep up with them?  If spot UV coating is trending, find a way to incorporate it into your piece.  This will show customers that you are aware of the trends and how you can incorporate them into your own business.  And in order to stay trendy, plan to change your presentation materials yearly to ensure your ideas stay fresh and relevant.

Wow Factor– Always have that “wow” factor to draw in your customers.  You want to be able to show prospects that you have something different to offer. Try designing your business kit in a different shape or die-cut to stand out. Find a print vendor that isn’t afraid to do projects that are “out of the box”. They may even work with you to create a new die-cut specifically for your company.

Top Design– Your design should be top notch. It will show your prospect that you know what you’re doing and in turn make your customers feel confident in your company. Most people judge a business on their own materials. If your design is not up to par, you may lose that potential client.

Following these tips will help you create unique and impressive presentation materials. Remember, these items represent your company and will help make you more appealing to potential clients. So, take the time to design these materials correctly while using the highest standards. This will help your potentials realize you are the company they need and are looking for.