What Are Google Glass Explorers Doing With Glass?

As a new #GoogleGlass Explorer, I’m still coming up with different ideas and test marketing different videos and photos that I am taking. I’m also experimenting with Google Hangouts, phone calls and text messages as well as integration with Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

But I was curious what other Explorers were doing with Glass.  Here’s what they said:

  • IMG_1347One person is exploring Glass while on vacation and traveling. She takes photos and videos of different things she sees and then stores them on her G+ album or shares with her Twitter or Facebook communities.
  • Another person uses them for medical training.  He wears them during surgery and holds a Google Hangout so that students can watch and learn.
  • Someone else is making a documentary using Glass and letting marching band members wear Glass during a performance to get their point of view.
  • Many said they are documenting everything around them using Glass.

The possibilities are endless.  What do you think you would do with Glass?