Infographics Are Everywhere

In the world of social media, infographics are a fairly new addition to the ever-expanding arsenal of visual tools used to engage readers and keep them coming back to pages and feeds. They’re a great way to show data and numbers (especially in large amounts) in a creative way that is easy for readers to digest.

Infographics have been around (in some form or another) for much longer than many people realize. Newspapers and other forms of print media that were on the cutting edge utilized infographics to give readers an easier way to comprehend heaps of numbers or data. These graphics would usually be presented alongside an article to give readers more insight.

USA Today was one of the leaders in the news industry who made visualizing data a part of their everyday front-page layout. These graphics (dubbed Snapshots by USA Today) utilize simple graphs and charts, but with creative twists that catch the eye.

Although Infographics have been around a long time, they are gaining in popularity on social networks and are some of the most engaging content you can post. According to, photo and image posts, including infographics, account for 93% of the most engaging content posted to Facebook and get 39% more interaction that other posts. Infographics shared on Twitter are likely to be shared 832% more through retweets than other content, based on data from BitRebels. Infographics were retweeted 578 times in comparison to only 63 times for a non-infographic tweet. SlideShare, a community for sharing presentations, documents and infographics, recently launched an infographic player on their site and have seen that infographics are liked and shared much more often than presentations or documents.

If you are looking for an infographic to post so that you will be shared often, here are some tips:

  • Show illustrations to complement the information provided
  • Have a key or some easy way to decode what the graphic is representing.
  • Make sure the information is accurate.

Below are tools to help you create infographics of your own and gain inspiration:

Still not sold? Check out this awesome scrolling parallax site that breaks down infographics in an infographic!