Branding Your Social Networking Sites

When you think of branding, you most likely think about a graphic identity – the look and feel of a logo, brochure, business card and/or website. However, social networking sites are another way to showcase your brand. By providing original content to your online communities or sharing information about your area of expertise, you have the opportunity to remind your target audience about your brand and keep your company top of mind.

Here are a few simple ways to portray your brand through the use of your social media sites:

  1. Upload a Consistent Profile Picture, Icon or Avatar.
    Use a current, consistent logo as the main photo, icon or avatar on each social site. This allows followers to easily recognize that your pages are official and provides a similar user experience no matter what social site they choose to interact with you on.
    Our client, the East Midtown Partnership does a great job keeping a consistent identity across their multiple social networking pages.Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 10.54.51 AM resized 600Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 10.55.06 AM resized 600Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 10.55.25 AM resized 600
  2. Keep the Design Similar.
    Use a similar color scheme on your social pages, especially cover photos, background images and any promotional graphics you create.  For example, at HJMT we make sure all of our social media sites are branded with the same color scheme, topic, look and feel.Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 11.06.40 AM resized 600describe the imageScreen Shot 2013 12 05 at 11.08.38 AM resized 600
  3. Develop a Company “Voice.”
    The way you phrase your communications is part of your branding. If you are a professional practice, your content and communications will be different than say a nonprofit organization. Some industries may find it appropriate to inject a little humor into their communications, especially those in the retail and customer service industries.For example: ModCloth is an online retailer for vintage themed and alternative clothing. To complement their brand, they create fun, engaging and creative social media messages that reflect the products they sell and the customer base that they interact with.Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 11.44.18 AM resized 600
  4. Share Relevant ContentYou know your company better than anyone else, so enlighten others by providing relevant tips and information. Infographics about your industry, images of your business and staff and timely articles or blog posts are a few ways you can provide your followers with information about your brand.For example, Sharpie shares great images of their community using their products in innovative and creative ways on their Instagram page. Not only are they showing the many uses of their products, but also they are branding themselves as a pillar in the art supply industry.Screen Shot 2013 12 05 at 11.53.07 AM resized 600


Your social sites are an important extension of your brand and the identity of your business, allowing you the opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your industry, interact with consumers and inform or entertain your audience. Be sure to keep the design of your brand consistent, share engaging content and communicate often.