Wearable On Air: Google Glass Developer Cecilia Abadie

In this episode of Wearable On Air, Hilary Topper, host and CEO of HJMT PR, talks with Cecilia Abadie, who is the first person to get a ticket driving with Google Glass and a Glass App Developer. She has two new apps — one a fitness app and one a note taking app — for Glass and she demos them on the show.

Wearable On Air is a new show conceived by Hilary Topper, host and CEO/President of HJMT Public Relations Inc. Ms. Topper is one of the original beta testers for Google Glass and her firm is highly engaged in all things wearable. HJMT represents many wearable tech companies and helps publicize through traditional and social channels.

In this episode of Wearable On Air, Ms. Topper introduces you to the developer side of apps in Wearables such as Google Glass by interviewing Cecilia Abadie, the CTO of Byte an Atom, a Global Development Team that researches and develops wearable and mobile applications to deliver experiences that innovate and disrupt the personal and the enterprise realms. Cecilia is also known for getting the first ticket for driving with Google Glass and fighting (and winning!) in court!