Top Trends to Watch in Business Card Design

Business cards are an important marketing tool no matter what industry you’re in. A well-designed and innovative card can leave a lasting impression on a potential client or business contact. Here are a few up and coming business card design trends that are sure to help you stand out in 2014.

  • Eco Friendly/Sustainable- In a society placing more value on environmentally conscious business practices, having a business card that reflects your company’s sustainable practices can make a huge impact on those in your industry. Some great examples include using a seed packet as a card or a stamp based card that allows you to reuse old scraps of paper.
  • Non-Traditional Shapes- HJMT was inspired by the trend of using an alternative shape for our recently redesigned business cards. We chose a rounded square business card to feature each member of our staff and their personality.
    Print vendors are making it even easier for your cards to stand out from the rest by offering more creative shape and size options at reasonable prices. Some popular options include squares, circles, ovals and rounded rectangles.
    HJMT Square Business Card Design
  • Letterpress/Stamp Effects- An increasing use of textured papers, old-fashioned printing presses and stamps in the design world has made its way to the arena of business cards. Many of these techniques can be replicated digitally, but nothing compares to the quality of a beautifully crafted business card that is unique to the touch. Letterpress, or relief printing, indents the design into the paper and gives it a beveled feel. Ink can also be applied to highlight the pressing or the design can be imprinted without ink to allow the texture to speak for itself.
  • Minimalist Design- Often it seems that some business cards are designed to be busy and colorful in order to grab your attention. In some industries this may be an effective strategy. However, an understated design can be equally as stunning and eye-catching, especially when your competition is going for the loud approach. Basic information, an elegant logo, accent colors, iconography and the use of negative space can create a simple and classic business card that will appeal to professionals in any industry. This style marries well with the letterpress trend, making for a truly unique card.

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