How to Increase Your Gmail Productivity

As of June 2012, there were more than 425 million Gmail users and the number continues to rise. Gmail has grown exponentially in popularity due to its seamless integration with web, Android and IOS apps. The integration has given them an enormous advantage catapulting Gmail to the No. 1 Email Service. Gmail has a number of features to help users increase their productivity. I personally transitioned to Gmail a few months ago. Besides loving the clean look, I appreciate the ability it gives me to better balance my work and personal emails.

Here are four Gmail features that help with productivity:

  • Instant Organization – Gmail analyzes your emails and automatically organizes them in folders that you can manually create. The more you use Gmail, the better it works as it learns about the typical content that arrives in your inbox. For example: Gmail is able to put emails attached to your social accounts into a specific folder for Social Media instead of your general Inbox. Instant organization at its finest!


  • Account Sync­– If you love when Google predicts your searches, updates your commute and gives you suggested ads you will enjoy Gmail. Gmail gives you suggestions based on your interests and the emails you send and receive making it easier and more efficient to get through your inbox. For your next upcoming trip, Gmail will notice your flight confirmation sent to you and will show you targeted ads with hotel and restaurant recommendations when using Google Search.
  • Smart Spam Filter ­– Gmail relies on its large user community by featuring a community-driven system. When any user marks an email as spam, this information is stored to better protect all Gmail users from similar future messages. This feature makes it easier to focus on the important relevant emails.
  • In-Email Action ­– The ability track your package or view your online order increases your efficiency by giving you a direct link to the appropriate source without even opening your email. It doesn’t seem like an innovative idea, but you don’t realize how much added time you save by having the ability to use these quick shortcut buttons.


With all these features, Gmail has essentially become your personal email assistant. Google has taken the approach of fixing all the little time consuming actions, therefore saving you time and allowing you to focus your attention on more pressing matters. Your productivity will skyrocket as you realize the amount of time you now have with the smart tools that Google is increasingly integrating throughout all their platforms.