Responding to Negative Feedback About Your Wearable Tech Product

wearable tech basis

wearable tech basis

Your wearable technology product is finally in the marketplace and ready to be purchased. Excitement is high as you begin to see orders rolling in. You’ve done your marketing job and you’ve already been promoting your product via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. These online communities have been waiting with baited breath for your launch day and it has officially arrived!

Like a good company, you now open yourself up and ask for feedback from users. Initially the response is great – people are truly excited to be able to try your new wearable tech product and reviews are positive. But then, as to be expected, but definitely not desired, you find users leaving negative posts/comments on your social sites. So what do you do?

At HJMT we always recommend the following top three “rules” to our clients:

  1. Respond as quickly as possible. Don’t let a negative comment fester online. Address it as promptly as possible – within 24 hours is best.
  2. Don’t delete the comment unless it is really offensive and has nothing to do with the wearable technology at hand. If someone is attacking your brand using vulgar language or baseless accusations because they simply dislike you, feel free to delete those posts as you see fit. Otherwise, keep the negative with the positive and refrain from using the delete button.
  3. Turn a negative into a positive. Express your sincere apologies if warranted and do your best to “fix” the issue. Customer service is paramount these days and by showing your users that you care about their feedback, only helps you win more customers.

On the opposite foot, be sure you’re also responsive to the positive feedback. Positive feedback is like liquid gold and can only help elevate your brand and position your product in the best light. Here are our top “three” rules to follow:

  1. Say thank you! It’s really that easy, but a thank you does go a long way. Thank them for their business, their insight and their support.
  2. Remember them for possibilities down the road. Perhaps a particular user is a very big supporter of your wearable tech product. If they are the right fit, it might make sense to nurture that relationship. You never know if you’ll be launching a new version or an entirely new wearable product in the future and having supporters in your back pocket puts you ahead of the curve.
  3. Spread their word. People like to be recognized for their comments/feedback. Do so as much as possible by sharing their review, retweeting their tweet, reposting their blog post, etc. Users will appreciate that you noticed them and feel more brand loyalty because of it.

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