Smart Fabrics and #WearableTech Conference in San Francisco

Smart Fabrics and #Wearable Tech Conference

Smart Fabrics and #Wearable Tech Conference

I decided to go to the Smart Fabrics and Wearable Tech Conference in San Francisco because the line up of speakers looks awesome!

There will be speakers from Intel, SparkFun Electronics, Reebok, IBM, Disney, Vuzix and more!  There will be a hack-a-thon and even a venture capital panel, called, Shark Tank!

The programs will range from productivity in the workplace using wearables and fitness and wearables to Eyes on Fashion and Body sensors that improve people’s lives.

The conference will take place from April 23 – 25 in San Francisco at the Merchant’s Exchange. There will be more than 250 people in attendance from the leading wearable firms. I find these smaller conferences so much more intimate and rewarding than the larger ones!

Who will be there? Anyone focused in smart fabrics, wearable technology, sensors, e-textiles, smart health products, body sensing technology, wearables for pets, and more.

I’m so excited to attend this conference and I have a discount code that you can use that will offer you $200 off tickets to the conference. Here’s the link:

Make sure to use the letters (all in cap) HJMT in the promotion box to get your discount!

And, if you can’t join me,  I will bring back as much information as I can. I plan on videotaping, via Google Glass, taking photos and blogging the entire time.  Be sure to follow my twitter feed @hilary25.

I hope you can join me!