5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign

Has it been a while since you took a look at the design of your business or personal website? It’s important to reevaluate your web presence periodically and determine if your site is achieving positive results. Here are 5 reasons why you might need a website redesign:

  1. It’s not SEO-friendly
    Understanding SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is important to ensuring that your website is rising to the top of Google Searches for important keywords related to your business. Images should have alt text and content should be contained in HTML text that can be indexed by search engines, not based in flash. Web platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger are all optimized to help create a web framework that is ideal for SEO. At HJMT, we specialize in creating and auditing websites to be SEO friendly. Read some of our other posts on SEO here and here.
  2. Navigation is complicated and not user friendly
    It’s important to occasionally take an objective look at the way your site is laid out and ask yourself, “If I were a user, would I be able to find what I was looking for?” Not everyone who visits your site will think the same way about how it’s organized, so it’s important to make the navigation of your site as fool-proof as possible. Providing links, buttons or hyperlinked images on your homepage is an excellent way to drive visitors to important pages on your site that may be otherwise hidden. It’s also important to organize your menu navigation in a simple way and keep the number of pages in your drop down menus to a minimum.
  3. It’s not responsive or optimized for mobile use
    Users are increasingly moving from the desktop to the mobile device when doing business and that means your site should be responsive and mobile-friendly as well. Many web platforms and WordPress themes have responsive or mobile templates built in to their structure, but if you’re using a more traditional site framework, you’ll need to work with a web developer to ensure your site will be viewed correctly on mobile devices and tablets.
  4. It’s out of date or you’ve changed your branding/focus/message
    One of the simplest reasons to redesign your site is that the information or design has become outdated due to your company’s change in branding or message. Your website should be an accurate representation of your company’s values, services and culture and having a website that is old and outdated reflects poorly on your business and may deter potential clients.
  5. You have no call to actions and users are not staying on or clicking through on your pages
    Getting users to your page is the most important part of a successful web presence, but a close second is keeping those users on your pages and keeping them engaged with interesting content. Utilizing “Calls To Action” on your homepage and in any banner or sidebar areas of your site will drive traffic to the places you want visitors to go. Google Analytics is an incredibly helpful tool for analyzing your site’s strengths and weaknesses by allowing you to see where users are spending their time, where they’re coming from and when they’re leaving. Adding a blog, offers, or other creative content can help keep users on your site and will keep your business top of mind.