How Honey Maid Responds to Negative Social Media Reactions

Honey Maid, the brand that brings us many of our beloved childhood snacks like Teddy Grahams and graham crackers, recently released a new campaign called “This is Wholesome.” The ad shows different kinds of families taking part in wholesome activities while enjoying the various wholesome snacks Honey Maid offers.



The company received complaints and backlash from groups who felt the more non-traditional families presented in the ad were anything but the “wholesome” Honey Maid was claiming. When a brand faces this kind of negative reaction to a branding effort or social media post, their initial action is often to ignore the unsympathetic comments and push forward. Giving those negative commenters a forum to engage on sometimes makes the situation worse.


Honey Maid took a different approach to the negative commentary. Not only did they tackle the criticism head on, but they also did it in a wholesome and positive way. Honey Maid has made “wholesome” their brand and in their response, they owned it.