How to Creatively Market Your Business Using Video

If your business’s marketing plan could use a little spring-cleaning, try using videos to spread the word about your company. Today, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It’s to your best advantage to take part in this rapidly growing medium and market your business using video.
Video can get your company’s message across when written words or photos fall short. They also give you a medium which can provide a more engaging experience with users on social media or your website – driving traffic to your business.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    • Product Videos– These kinds of videos are great when you have a service or product that requires some explaining or sells itself better visually. Another great use for product videos is in your Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign.


    • Testimonials– Let your customer satisfaction speak for itself- literally! Hearing from a satisfied client gives your potentials the peace of mind that your business is trustworthy and that your positive reputation is warranted.
    • Behind the Scenes– Allowing customers and clients to peer behind the curtain gives them a sense of intimacy with your company and lets them know that you’re hardworking and innovative. HJMT showed our community just what goes on in our busy lives with our reality show Glasslandia.


      • Service Demonstrations and Informational Videos– Position yourself as an industry leader by giving demonstrations of your services and providing helpful information that clients and potential clients can use and share with their networks.


  • Event Highlights– When you attend a great event, it’s only natural to want to relive your great experience with a highlight video showing attendees and what a great time it was. If your business hosts events, use highlight videos to show others what they’re missing to draw in interest for your next event.

At HJMT Public Relations, we offer video production services that will take your idea from storyboard to YouTube. Take a look at some of our past video work for ideas of what you can do. The possibilities are endless!