Getting Started With Social Media

If you’re looking to garner online attention for your business, Social Media is a great way to start. With millions of users worldwide, it will increase your online visibility in no time! Once you’ve determined that social media is right for your business, follow these five tips to create successful pages.

  1. Research– While there are many social networking pages available, it doesn’t mean your business needs to be on all of them. Check out the types of demographics on each network before creating a page. If you find that your target audience isn’t on it, move on to the next relevant social media site. Follow this link for more info on the demographics of each social media network.
    For example, the East Midtown Partnership is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Flickr. This may seem like a lot to you, but it makes sense for them. Not only do they provide information on programs through these sites, they have visually appealing content to provide so they’re on social sites that will support it.
  2. Branding– Creating a cohesive design for your pages is important. Branding will keep your pages visually connected to your business through the use of similar designs on your cover photo and profile photo. Check out more tips on branding here. 
    Oreo has done a great job at branding their sites. From their cover photos to their backgrounds, they keep a cohesive look that integrates what they’re all about. If you visit their pages, you’ll see the various types of cookies offered, not only making you think of their product, but also recognizing that it is fun and whimsical as they are!
    Oreo Twitter
  3. Content– Post relevant microblogs that would interest your audience. Research shows that posts with photos or video perform better than text-based posts. Use these multimedia options to provide a “behind-the-scenes” look at your business operations or your employees. These visual stimulants will help your brand’s storytelling efforts.
    Dunkin Donuts uses photos and video to demonstrate their new products. Although it is food based, their photos act as a call to action for users. If you check out their page, you will be prompted to purchase a doughnut or iced coffee after seeing these mouth-watering photos.
    Dunkin Donuts
  4. Promotion– Place links to your social sites on the homepage of your website. This way, current and potential clients see your hard work. Flyers, signs or email blasts are also great ways to promote your pages.
    Hochheiser, Deustch & Company displays their social networks on their homepage with bold buttons. Visitors to your site might want to check out your social networking sites for relevant information, so it’s important to have these displayed prominently.
    HDCI Website
  5. Maintenance – Managing social media pages takes a lot of work. Think of it this way- social media is like a plant. In order for that plant to grow, you’ll need proper sunlight, water, etc. Like the plant, social media needs proper care to grow! Be sure to interact with the community you’ve built through continuous posts, etc. Even if you can only spend 15 minutes per day on these pages, it will help garner online attention.

Now that you’re a part of the social media community, you will notice that potential clients will trickle in by simply checking out your social pages. Remember to keep these updated and filled with interaction to increase visibility. Happy socializing!

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