Publicity for Product Launches

Carbon Product Launches Reviewed by TechCrunch

Carbon Product Launches Reviewed by TechCrunchWe recently worked with a wearable technology company to help them gain funding to launch a wearable tech product. In a month’s time, we were able to secure our client more than 100 million media impressions all through traditional/earned publicity. As a result, the company was able to garner the funding needed and launch their product into the marketplace.

Because of this, it is very easy to conclude that public relations is still an effective way to spread the word and promote new product launches, especially within the technology industry.

Here are three best practices that technology companies can deploy to gain their products and services awareness and visibility.

Ask for product reviews

One of the best and easiest ways to get PR for your technology product or service is to ask tech reporters to review it. Ship the product so that the reporter/producer can actually see firsthand how it works. That being said even if you have a great product, be prepared for criticism. However, take that opportunity and put the negative feedback to good use/address any concerns and comments. Try to turn negativity into something positive.

Pitch the story

In our aforementioned client’s case, the product was not yet available. So instead of offering product reviews, we pitched the product as a trend in the technology industry, specifically wearables. This still garnered the product many mentions in the right publications at the right time. And, it set the company up for the future as many reporters/producers agreed and wanted to review the product once launched.

Tout your success

Once you’ve secured all these placements giving your product the attention it deserves, be sure to spread the word. Send out an email to your contacts, vendors, suppliers, and customer base letting them know about the write-up. Share your exposure online via your social networking channels and include links to all articles/appearances on your website. Make sure everyone has seen your product placement to further its reach.

While social media does have its place in product launches, traditional or earned media is not dead and is just as important as in years past. With a keen media relations campaign in place, your product will see great success.