Marketing and Public Relations on Game of Thrones

If you’re an avid GOT viewer like me, you may have noticed that marketing and public relations are intertwined in the storylines. From the house sigils to the speech by Tyrion Lannister during the Battle at Blackwater Bay, we’re breaking down the top marketing practices seen on the popular show.

*WARNING- Potential Game of Thrones Spoilers*

game_of_thrones_houses_sigilHouse Sigils: Each house in Westeros has a recognizable sigil. From the dark gray coloring and dire wolf symbol of the Stark family representing Winterfell, to the bright yellow and red colored Lion of the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, each family’s sigil, along with their motto represents both their beliefs and background. You could equate this to a business’ graphic identity. It creates recognition for the public through a visual symbol of their business or in their case, family. A business that is using this idea properly is Coca-Cola. When you see the white and red writing, you immediately associate it with them. They’ve integrated this branding on all of their materials, just like the families of Westeros.

Margaery-Tyrell-Season-3-margaery-tyrell-33976963-4080-2720Margaery Tyrell’s Positive Image: Building up her relationship with the Lannisters was a difficult task for Margaery, coming off of a failed marriage to Renly Baratheon, who was technically an enemy to the state. She knew that in order to win over the people of Kings Landing and King Joffrey, she needed to showcase her positive qualities. Margaery created a public relations campaign dedicated to her philanthropic efforts. From reading to orphans, to donating left over food to the poor, Margaery painted herself in a positive light, catching the attention of both the people of Westeros and King Joffrey. Many businesses conduct these types of campaigns every day. These Public Relations campaigns focus on a positive aspect of a public figure or business. What’s most important here is that Margaery appears to be genuinely caring for the public, which is something that needs to be integrated into public relations campaigns like this. A modern-day example of this is Academy Award winner, Angelina Jolie. Her philanthropical work over the past years overshadows her darker times. The public now focuses on her efforts to help the poor and sick, rather than any sort of erratic behavior.

Tyrion-the-Halfman-Peter-DinklageTyrion’s Speech at the Battle at Blackwater Bay: During the attack on Kings Landing by Stannis Baratheon, the Kings Guard felt defeated. As the soldiers started walking away, Tyrion Lannister gave a short and eloquent speech that was an excellent example of community engagement. Tyrion understood exactly how to get the soldiers to act by appealing to them explaining, “If he gets in, it’ll be your houses he burns, your gold he steals…” He engaged them by providing information that is not only insightful but motivational. Brands do this every day on social media through interactions with the community. For example, on Twitter, businesses might post something promoting and motivating the public to use their product or service. Although not as dire as the Battle at Blackwater Bay, businesses rally their communities to act. Dove keeps this in mind with their marketing tactics. Constantly engaging with the community through inspirational and viral campaigns, they’re asking the community to think positively about their bodies, while intertwining their products.

Jorah-Mormont-Daenerys-Targaryen-Ser-Barristan-Selmy-Game-of-ThronesDaenerys Targaryen and her Extensive Knowledge: As the impending Queen of Westeros, Daenerys council advises her political moves in favor of not only the Targaryen family, but of the people she plans to rule over. They also provide her with information on the kingdoms she takes over, helping her to understand their language, as well as their culture. Essentially, her “council” equates to a market research team. Her market research team speaks with the people, getting to know their wants and needs, while finding ways to assist. If a business would like to expand their products or services to a new market, they’ll have a market research team scope out the potential targets to better assist them. Twitter has recently tapped into this method by using market research to better understand how businesses are utilizing the platform. Emailed surveys with in-depth questions will provide them with the information needed to modify features, create workshops and more.

I’m sure we will see more marketing practices as the story progresses. Are there other marketing tactics on the show that we didn’t mention? Comment below and tell us!