How to Overcome Writer’s Block

On most days you’ll find me writing. Whether it’s a press release, blog entry, bylined article, email pitch or status update – I’m tapping away at my keyboard. Let’s face it, writing can be a big part of your daily routine in many jobs today. But sometimes, writing can feel practically impossible!

We’ve all been there – haven’t we? The blank Word document looms in front of us and we just can’t seem to get our thoughts out coherently or creatively. The flip side, there are some days where I feel like I am writing machine and can bang out copy in a flash. But if you’re fighting writer’s block, what do you do?

Here are HJMT’s top tips (we’ve tried so many and the below are our favorites) to help you overcome writer’s block!

  1. Take a break – Stop trying to write and head over to your favorite website, blog or social networking site and take a 5-minute break. Do something that distracts you from the task at hand and once you’ve taken that mental break, try writing again.
  2. Leave the lead for later – In our experience a creative and thought-provoking lead is some of the hardest copy to write. If you’re stuck, start in the middle and then work your way back. The lead will be easier to write once you have the meat of your story down on paper.
  3. Talk to your co-workers – Ask your colleagues for inspiration or help. Sometimes a fresh perspective is just what you need to get re-motivated.
  4. Move more – Stuck at your desk for the past two hours trying to write? Stand up, stretch, and move more to get your blood circulating again. It will help revitalize you.
  5. Change your settings – Sometimes taking a walk to get a sip of water or see the sun shining is just what you need to get the creative juices flowing again.
  6. Play some music – At HJMT, we always have music playing. We even sing along when a good song comes on. Music can make all the difference. My favorite to write to? The Weezer station on Pandora!
  7. Write at night – One of the best ways to fight writer’s block is to change up the time when you write. If the morning isn’t working for you, try writing at night.
  8. Fuel with food – Grab a snack or a cup of coffee. A little sugar or caffeine can do wonders for your writing.
  9. Read another person’s work – I always find inspiration in other people’s work. Reading can help get you out of your rut and translate into better writing overall.
  10. Try again tomorrow – If all else fails, try again another day. Some days are easier than others to write. If you’re not up against a strict deadline, there is always tomorrow!

And one more that seems to help me personally is – take my writing away from the computer. Find a piece of paper and a pen and get to work!

Writer’s block is never fun, but utilize some of these tips and you’ll be well on your way!