How to Promote Your Energy Efficiency Program Through Video

Energy efficiency is not a new term. In fact, using less energy to help sustain the environment is something many businesses and consumers alike are trying very hard to do. Energy companies are using this demand to develop new energy saving programs and incentives for people/companies to enroll.

One of the best ways to promote an energy efficiency program is through successful case studies. With the prevalance of social media, the opportunity to present these case studies in a meaningful and impactful way is easier than ever before. One of the best ways to showcase your energy efficiency program is to display your work via video. Video allows for more creativity, more of a personal connection and more of a lasting impact.

Here are some video tips to help promote your energy efficiency program and case study.

  1. Topic selection – This might sound obvious, but choose a topic that is easy to understand and compelling. Your case study should showcase your energy program and the value behind it, the ease of enrollment and the people who make it happen. In addition, make the topic relatable to your target market. Are you focused on small business? Then find a small business with a story to tell, show how the energy program made a positive difference and make sure the business owners are relatable and charismatic!
  2. Length of video – Videos, especially case studies, should be no longer than 3 minutes. People want to watch the video quickly. Any longer, you’re at risk of losing your audience before the video is finished.
  3. Talking points – Prepare talking points for your video shoot. Remember to make sure whatever messaging you want to get across is said and repeated for maximum understanding.
  4. Video/photo quality – Be sure to use a high quality camera with correct lighting and sound. And splice in high resolution photos. Video is a waste of time and energy unless the finished product looks professional, crisp and clean.
  5. Promotion to other areas – Once you have your video complete, be sure to spread it across your other platforms to maximize visibility and exposure. Put the video case study on your social sites, send it out via email to your potential customers, business partners and referral sources and notify the media about the success of your program.

Case studies are a powerful way to promote an energy efficiency program and video can showcase your success in a visual stimulating manner. Follow these tips and start promoting today! For more tips on how to market your business through video, check out this post from the HJMT Blog.