Most Wanted #WearableTech Revealed From Industry Expert Round up

This was a study conducted in the UK on Wearable Technology.  Robert Prime of Wearable.Co.UK interviewed 44 experts and this is his results. (Disclosure: Hilary was interviewed for this story and found it fascinating what other people said.)

As the wearable technology industry evolves, the big question seems to be “What are the best wearable technology products?” With so many to choose from and with the wearables industry in it’s early stages, it can be difficult to separate the good from the…..not so good.

To understand where wearable tech fits into our lives and how or if it will continue to evolve with innovative products, we think it is important to ask the industries most influential people what they think.

We rounded up a staggering 44 of the top wearable tech experts and asked them the question:

“If you could own only three pieces of current wearable tech, what would they be?”


This information they provided should highlight which wearables are leading the charge in what is now a fast paced race to market.

The results showed their most sought after wearables and the results were very insightful.

Below we have added the comments from the experts so you can see how they backup their views and any thoughts they have towards these products. Some products are available right now, some are in development and some are fictional ones that are provided to show what kinds of products they would like to see in the wearable marketplace.

We would like to know what you think and there may be products you like that perhaps haven’t been mentioned, we would love to see your comments at the end of the article. 

Wait no longer. Here are best wearable technology products recommended by our experts:

Top 6 Wearable Tech Products