Using Twitter’s Group Direct Messaging Feature For Your Business

Twitter recently released a new feature that would allow brands to directly communicate with various users at once. What sets this feature apart from normal tweets is that it is completely private. As we discussed last year during the advent of new private messaging features across all networks, these types of opportunities are great for businesses as they can connect on a deeper level with consumers.

Prior to this launch, Twitter users were able to send Direct Messages to their followers, however this new feature brings a new form of chatting to the forefront of the platform. Brands can now share tweets, utilize emojis and chat with up to 20 people at once.

Adidas recently utilized this feature during a private Q&A session with Soccer star, Karim Benzema. During the chat, Benzema shared photos and spoke with a selected group, chosen by Adidas during a recent campaign. Global Social Media and PR director for Adidas Football has been quoted as saying “Twitter’s Group DMs as a way to “build and deepen” relationships with customers.”

If you want to check it out to see what you can do, log on to to find out.


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