Five Tips to Writing Effective Press Materials in the Digital Age

According to a survey by Greentarget, which represents PR firms nationwide, the average reporter receives approximately 50 press releases a week and spends about one minute reading them.

So how do you break through the clutter? Try connecting with them through other methods.

  • Pitch reporters through social media. Finding and tweeting reporters can help your news piece receive the attention it deserves.
  • Use a digital wire distribution. Although approximately 2,000 press releases are distributed through the wire, it is still an effective method to get a message out.
  • Make sure your release has clear, concise and SEO friendly materials.

Once you’ve followed those three tips, here are five more to employ when writing digital press materials that will be sure to grab a reporter’s attention.

  1. Eliminate The Fluff– Remember your ABCs! Make your release accurate, brief and clear. When sending out a tweet, you are limited to 140 characters, minus the reporter or outlet’s Twitter handle. The limitation of characters puts an even greater emphasis on the ABC method above.
  2. Provide Catchy Headlines That Are SEO Friendly– The headline must tell the story, while also being lively. Be sure to integrate keywords for Search Engine Optimization. The more descriptive and SEO friendly a headline is, the higher it will appear on the search engines.
  3. Include Contact Info– After sending your release/tweet, be sure to monitor your email and social pages. You never know how a reporter will reach out to you.
  4. Be Grammatically Perfect– If you’re tweeting at the reporter, refrain from using shortened versions of words. Sending out a tweet that says “4 u” may not be acceptable to the reporter, leading them to reject your tweet.
  5. Provide A Link– Be sure to include a link to a full press release, website or multimedia file. Your tweet should leave the reporter wanting more. Direct them to content that will provide them with more information.

If you keep these tips in mind the next time you have news to share, the better your chances will be of obtaining attention from the media.