Integrating Twitter with a Plugin for WordPress

Twitter Plugin for Wordpress

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has been a great tool for businesses. Thanks to the new account dashboard, which provides top tweets, followers and more in-depth analytics, businesses are thinking of Twitter as a go-to network for marketing purposes. Recently, the social networking giant released a plugin for WordPress hosted sites. The plugin is a game-changer as it allows businesses to further engage audiences through their website.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Twitter Cards– Generate attention from Twitter users through a multi-media rich Twitter Card! Thanks to the plugin, you will not need to create a card as it’s automatically generated through WordPress.
  • Embedded Tweets– Customize the look and feel of embedded tweets! Gone are the days of un-branded tweets! Select a link and border color that matches your brand and website.
  • Twitter Buttons– Visitors to your website can easily share your content through official Twitter buttons. Now, when someone goes to share your content, the shared Tweet will be filled with your website link, Twitter username and designated hashtags and text.
  • Twitter Analytics– By linking your WordPress site with your business’ Twitter account, you will now have more insight into your post and account performance. Learn about the demographics of users sharing your content, visiting your page and more.

The plugin is an excellent tool for your business. It provides a more streamlined Twitter experience, while providing insight about your website visitors. If you’re ready to integrate the plugin into your website, click here to download-