Rethinking Your Logo As A Brand

Traditionally, logos are used as a company’s primary visual identifier; a static representation of a business’s values and identity. As corporate branding has evolved, the logo still remains the first face of your company and represents you consistently across all platforms. However, branding and logos have taken on new life as the building blocks that a company’s entire look and attitude are based on.

Apple Icon LogoTake for example Macintosh’s Apple iconography. Their branding is pervasive and instantly recognizable the world over without having to spell out the name of the company. A simple, concise logo that articulates a point elegantly can take your branding to a new level by becoming a part of everything your business does.

Samsung Logo Redesign BrandingThese two excellent unsolicited redesigns of Microsoft and Samsung’s logos perfectly articulate how a brand can be so much more than a logo. These designers took care to create a basic yet poignant representation of what the brands stand for. A logo doesn’t have to say everything your company does right up front. In fact, the more you leave to the imagination, the better!

Windows Logo Redesign BrandingIn the Microsoft logo redesign, the designer created a logo that can be utilized in many colors, sizes and mediums- even using the logo shape as a frame for branded images that fit the company’s values.

Logos and branding can be so much more than just what you stick on the front of your business cards; it tells the story of your company through images, shapes, colors and emotions. It’s a potential customer’s window to your brand.