Twitter & SEO


Twitter and Google recently joined forces to allow tweets to appear on Google Desktop searches. This is a giant step for social media and Search Engine Optimization!


Now, when you type in any subject, tweets will appear in a “carousel” under the “In the news” section. From there, you can click on the hyperlinked username to be directed to their individual Twitter page, without having to sign in or create an account.


Let’s delve into how the tweets will appear on the search results.


For example, I typed in “Video Music Awards 2015” and a carousel filled with relevant tweets popped up.

Pic 1
By clicking on the arrow, I could scroll through various tweets from different users on the subject. The tweets displayed are from various accounts such as celebrities, journalists and other Twitter users.


What does this new feature mean for marketers and business?


By integrating tweets as a web source, it provides an additional opportunity for rankings. But, in order to have ranking tweets, you’ll need to utilize one important SEO item in your posts- relevant keywords.


The algorithms seem to pick up on abbreviations of certain words. In the example above, I typed in “Video Music Awards” and the system knew to display tweets containing “VMAs.” Keep this in mind when developing content for your Twitter page. If you’re using common abbreviations, the search engines are more likely to pick it up. If it’s a very technical term, try and fit the entire word in. It’s important to recognize that during searches, the public may not know industry-specific abbreviations and will look to general terms instead.


Today, search engines will recognize Tweets as credible sources of information, which makes Twitter an excellent referral source for your personal brand or business. Tweet wisely and you may see a boost in your online visibility, which could result in better brand awareness and website traffic.


Happy Tweeting!