Twitter Moments Explained

Twitter Moments Explained


If you recently updated the Twitter app on your phone or viewed it on your desktop, you may have noticed a new tab featuring a lightning bolt- meet Twitter’s Moments! Twitter recently launched this new feature to help you catch up on the latest and trending news across the globe.


How it works

When you click on the lightning bolt, you will be directed to the Moments tab. This is filled with highlights spanning entertainment, sports and general news. Once you click on a “moment,” you will view images, GIFs, Vines and other articles that pertain to that event or news item. It’s essentially a multimedia experience that keeps you updated on popular information.


If you want to add to the moment, click on the Share button to tweet about it. Completely interested in the topic? Select the Follow button and relevant tweets will appear on your newsfeed.


It’s great for those just starting out with Twitter or “casual users,” as it pulls up popular topics without having to search for them.


It will be interesting to see how this feature evolves into a marketing tool for businesses. Currently, Twitter’s Editorial team picks out Moments, but perhaps in the future, this will be customized to each user’s individual interests.


For now, it’s a great way to see which types of multimedia pieces are heavily used within each industry. For example, if you work for a sports brand, check out the trending topics in the sports section. Are there a lot of GIFs or vines used? If so or if not, integrate your conclusion into your own marketing plan to further connect with users. Use this new feature to create your own Moments for your brand.


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