History of the Blog

Blogs have become so prevalent in recent years that it almost feels as if they were around forever.  But were they?

Actually, the first blog appeared online in 1994 by a Swarthmore student, Justin Hall.  His first blog was Links.net. Interestingly, the blog still exists and is constantly updated with new content. It has the same look and feel as it did in 1994 but he now includes links to YouTube videos and more. Although Hall is no longer a student, he writes about his experiences.

In December 1997, the word, Weblog for logging the web was used to refer to a blog. For a while thereafter, blogs were known as weblogs. Then in April 1999, programmer, Peter Merholz, decided to shorten weblog to blog.

Only two short years later, in December 2002, Gawker launched and became an instant hit. Gawker is a successful gossip blog.

After that, Google realized that blogs weren’t going anywhere fast and in June ‘03, Google launches Adsense to put ads on blogs.

Interestingly, in June 2004, Merriam-Webster declares “blog” word of the year and as of January 2005, millions of Americans read blogs from trades to special interest and lifestyle blogs. That same year, the Huffington Post was launched.

According to WordPress, there are more than 19 billion blogs on the internet today.  That number is growing every day and will continue to grow.

Why are blogs so popular?

Think about it for a moment. When your neighbor or friend tells you that a movie is terrific and you need to see it or she just bought a pair of shoes for X amount and they are an incredible value, you tend to listen.  People trust their friends and neighbors.  And, their friends and neighbors are the bloggers.  Therefore, people listen to bloggers and trust them more than anyone else.


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