Media Strategy

Media Strategy

The media has changed, that’s no surprise. With far less print publications and much more online content, media relations can be confusing! Who is a journalist nowadays? You? Me? Your neighbor down the street?

The truth of the matter is that anyone can now claim to be a “reporter” or content channel and it’s your job to cut through the clutter. How do you do so?

First and foremost, think about your customer/client. Where do they live? Is your target market full of blogcentric readers? Do they spend most of their day on social media? Do they still read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal or maybe their focus is entirely on trade publications. Depending on your answer, you will have your media direction. Be sure to get seen and heard where your customer/client is most likely to learn about you.

Second, do your due diligence. Once you’ve decided where you need to be, you now need to analyze what media outlets are the best fit. For example, if your customers/clients are blog readers, there are millions of them out there. Where do you start? Filter through relevant blogs and decide which ones are important hits for your product/service. It may make sense to choose a blog with a smaller readership because they are the perfect match for your business. Or, it may be best to find a blog with a major readership even if the content slightly varies from your topic. You have to be strategic in your outreach, otherwise you’ll be spending time pitching media that won’t be effective.

Sidenote: Bloggers should be able to give you statistics in order to qualify the relevancy and reach of their readership. If they won’t give you proof of their demographic info, then be wary.

Third, stretch your media placements. News comes and goes in the matter of minutes. New content is being published constantly and so there is a shelf life.Extend that shelf life to fully make your placement count. Promote your news to your target audience and make sure they see it, read it and talk about it through your other marketing channels like social media, email marketing and direct mail.