ROI for Public Relations

Measuring ROI for Public Relations is a difficult, but essential task. It’s also not a one size fits all undertaking. Each campaign/company has to set its own metrics and benchmarks to analyze its PR efforts and value. According to a recent whitepaper by Cision, here are 9 things to consider when determining your Public Relations return on investment.


Awareness – Increase your visibility through speaking gigs and bylined articles to position yourself as the expert. Decide the number and frequency you’d like do per quarter and evaluate if it’s working.


Awards – Earn long-term credibility with the right accolades.


Earned Media – Go beyond collecting press clippings and find out how many people are talking about your news and which platform is most popular.


Audience Reach – Look at your website analytics and see how far your website is reaching.


Traffic – Track and see how your campaigns are producing results.


Mention Volume – How many times is your company mentioned?


Sentiment – Check to see if the interactions and comments you’re receiving are positive.


Share of Voice – See how you measure against your competition.


Leads and Sales – Evaluate what campaigns were most positive and see if there is a connection to sales.