Case Study: LIM Innovations – Social Media Outreach

Case Study: LIM Innovations – Startup Social Media

HJMT worked with the medical start-up company to develop an online community on a national level. Initially, we created Google+ and LinkedIn pages to accompany the Facebook and Twitter to reach targeted audiences and boost their SEO efforts. Then, we designed branded graphics for the pages.

To start, the Facebook page had 160 Likes and Twitter had 7 followers. To engage with the community, we created content that would be appealing and informative to clinicians and individuals in the amputee community. We also engaged with the community through likes, shares and retweets.

After launching the content on the pages for one month, we created a dedicated Facebook ad campaign to push the page and posts up on the Facebook newsfeed.

As a result of our efforts, the page began receiving interest from patients and clinicians from around the world. At the end of our campaign, the pages had grown exponentially. The Facebook page received 11,965 Likes, 379 followers on Twitter, 8139 impressions on Google+ and 181 LinkedIn followers.