Case Study: IceWorks – Consumer Product Launch

Case Study: IceWorks – Consumer Product Launch

IceWorks sought HJMT’s help to gain visibility and exposure for the recent launch of its one-of-a-kind ice pack. After strategically deciding to pursue golf publications, since most active golfers have lower back, hip, knee or upper body pain, HJMT compiled a custom media list to target. HJMT offered these outlets a chance to review the ice pack and sent samples across the country to interested editors. We then followed up with each outlet to ensure a successful review. Here are three articles we placed to help further promote IceWorks’ new product.

ACES Magazine

“When buying someone a gift for the holidays, there are two directions you can go – practical or fun. That applies to all avenues, and this especially holds true with golf.

It must be an age thing, as I have gotten older I have gone from the fun to the practical side. When I was younger, it was all about getting gift cards to play a round at one of my favorite courses, but as I have aged it’s become more about the practical side.

Let me explain. Think of it as recovery items that will give me the chance to play again. For instance, after every round, there is always ice involved. Be it for the back, knee or in my adult beverage, count on the need for ice.

Ice is not always available and when it is, you need a bag for the ice and a towel to put over your skin to keep from getting freezer burn. Finally, the ice melts and you need to throw it away.

This year I found a solution – IceWorks. IceWorks offers ergo-compression, re-usability and stays cold for hours! The product is unlike any other ice pack on the market.

IceWorks uses a patented ball technology and uses durable plastic that encases water and medical-grade stainless steel bearings that provide even compression. Custom layers prevent freezer burn and stays soft and flexible up to minus-30 degrees. The internal thermal layer keeps cold for hours.

I am using one now as I write this story and when I’m done, it goes back in its carrying case and right into the freezer for the next use.

For more information go to – Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Using extremely durable patented ball technology. Plastic encases water and medical-grade stainless steel bearings that provide even compression. Absolutely no chemicals. Nothing but water. Custom layers prevents freezer burn and will stay soft and flexible up to -30°—allowing the internal thermal layer to stay cold for hours.

When you sustain an injury, tissue swells with fluid and blood. Applying cold constricts the vessels and at the same time increases blood flow to help you feel better and heal faster!”

Midwest Golfing MagazineHere is an excerpt from the article and a link: (

“It’s as inevitable as death and taxes – if you are a golfer it’s a safe bet you have felt lower back pain at sometime in your life. The staff at MGM have used numerous portable ice packs to cure our ills with minimal success… until now!

A new product has just hit the scene called IceWorks, which offers ergo-compression, reusability, and the ability to stay cold for hours. Guaranteed to last for three years, IceWorks provides optimum comfort to the body and provides even pressure to the intended areas. You can put this product directly on the skin without a towel and it won’t cause freezer burn.”