Tips on Blogger Outreach

Building relationships with bloggers is essential. Bloggers build a rapport with their audience in ways that traditional advertising does not.

There are millions of bloggers, many with large, devoted audiences, making blogs ideal to promote your business.

Want to target a blogger to write about your product or service? Here are some tips when pitching to a blogger:


  • Start with a strategy. Who is your target audience? What are they interested in? Create a few keywords and phrases that will help you find the ideal blog(s) to pitch to.
  • What are you trying to achieve by reaching out to a blogger? Try to answer this in as much detail as possible: more subscribers, higher sales, etc. Set goals.


  • What is the blog about? Does it reach your target audience? Know exactly what the blog covers or you’re wasting your time and theblogger’s time.
  • How does the blogger want materials sent to them? Some bloggers prefer a tweet to an email.
  • Find out: What is the size of the audience? How engaged is the audience? How often does the blogger make new posts?

Keep it Simple:

  • Everyone is busy and information overload could lose the blogger’s interest. Write an engaging opening to draw the blogger in and keep them reading. Keep it short and sweet but remember to be creative!

Build Trust:

  • You need to show that you value and respect what they are doing. Adding a personal touch will show them you spent time learning about their blog and audience.
  • Check out their social media pages, comment on their blog, and show interest. You have to work at developing a relationship with the blogger to build their trust.

Maintain Relationships:

  • If you gain the bloggers interest, keep that relationship going. Promote their blog by posting the story via social media channels and keep in touch with the blogger.
  • Even if the blogger isn’t interested in one pitch, don’t write them off. Unless they specifically say they do not wish to be contacted again, keep up with what they are writing about. While you don’t want to push your brand/product at a blogger, there may be another opportunity for them to publish a story on their blog.

Remember, bloggers want to grow their audience too. Your relevant and fresh content can do just that. These bloggers aren’t just faceless PR tools, but valued partners. If you have any questions or comments about reaching out to bloggers don’t hesitate to contact us at HJMT!