Press Release Best Practices

Press Release Best Practices

Press releases may seem like a PR tool of the past, but even in today’s 140 character world, press releases are still relevant. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when crafting your press release. 

 Have A Strong Headline

Not only should your headline explain what the press release is about, but it should be catchy and succinct. It should draw in the reader’s attention and make them want to continue to read the rest of the information. 

 Make It Fun

Let’s be honest, press releases can be boring. They can get stuck in the facts and details. While those are important, you have to remember that your press release should be something the media person will want to read and keep reading. If you’re reviewing the release you just drafted and you want to stop reading after the first sentence, the media will too. Try your best put some life into your releases. 

 Use A Photo 

According to, press releases containing multimedia are viewed/read more times than text-only releases. Chose photos/video that help tell your story and make it more attractive. 


In other words – grammar, punctuation and spelling! These needs to be spot on when you’re writing a press release. Make an error in your first graph and you can be sure your release is deleted. And, follow AP style. The media will appreciate it!

 Use Keywords

Make sure to optimize your release. Follow standard SEO guidelines to ensure your release makes the most impact. 

 Nuts And Bolts

Your release should have a headline, opening graph, quotes, background information in easy to read format – use bullets when possible, a call-to-action and finally, a boilerplate. All of these are important aspects of your release and allows the media person to digest the information more easily. 

 Distribute At The Right Time

If there is big national news happening, your release can wait. Timing can be important if you want your release reviewed. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to crafting the perfect release for your business, organization or client. Need help? HJMT has been developing effective press release for more than three decades. Contact us today!