HJMT Placement: Brit + Co

Everyday more than 8 million people travel via plane. The side effects of traveling can include exhaustion, jet lag, and stiffness. Our client, Carrie Owerko, Iyengar Yoga specialist, is very familiar with these traveling side effects and found a solution. HJMT pitched to the media offering traveling tips from Owerko for those who suffer from these traveling ailments. HJMT was able to land Carrie Owerko a placement in Brit + Co, reaching 6,696,554 unique visitors per month.


Here is an excerpt from the placement:

“The stress of flying can be awful (especially if you’re stuck next to someone who is seriously annoying), but the neck and body aches that come after a long journey take the cake when it comes to vacation spoilers. Looking forward to your next adventure while feeling bummed about being stuck in the dreaded middle seat? Don’t sweat it; New York-based yoga instructor and Iyengar specialist Carrie Owerko gave us seven great tips that’ll help you survive your flight without major stiffness or pain later. Treat yourself to a few cozy essentials and read on for her smart advice.”


See Owerko’s tips here: