HJMT Placement: WHPC Radio

HJMT Placement: WHPC Radio

Our client, Fairy LiceMothers, are the experts in lice removal. At HJMT we have been working on getting them coverage and pitched a story to Your Family’s Health, a radio program run by Nassau Community College’s Nursing department that focuses on healthcare issues and resources available in Nassau County. We were able to book them for a half hour show. In the interview, Michelle, Christine, and Carol, the three friends behind Fairy LiceMothers, shared their different reasons as to why they wanted to create a lice removal service. From dealing with lice themselves and family to needing a job change, Long Island’s number one lice removal service was born. Their intent was to educate the community on the real facts of head lice. Here are some questions asked during the show:

  • What are the symptoms of head lice?
  • How do you get head lice?
  • How do you treat lice?
  • How long does it take to get lice removed?
  • What kind of misinformation is perpetuated by the media?
  • What are some preventive measures for head lice?
  • What do you have to do around your house when your child gets lice?
  • What happens if left untreated?
  • And More!

Airs Tuesday 12/19 at 3pm

Reruns on 12/24 at 6am

Listen on 90.3 WHPC or live stream at ncc.edu/whpc

Tune in to learn about the facts of head lice and how to prevent or remove the lice if it does infest you or your child.